Ke Ola Hou





Ke Ola Hou is an organization who is committed to the long-term well being of families and children on the West Side of the Big Island.  We primarily focus our efforts on meeting the tangible needs of those within the Kona district.  Through our programs we hope to create healthy and stable living environments for those living in our community. This is mainly accomplished through the implementation of sports camps, marriage conferences, community events, and seminars.  



Since launching our initiatives in 2016, we have hosted nine sportLIFE camps which have provided over 650 kids with free, fun, and instructive learning environments. Along with understanding the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, participants have received gifts, meals, sports equipment, and clothing. Ke Ola Hou also values the impact strong marriages have in creating a flourishing community. Our first two marriage conferences guided over 30 couples through principles of establishing a thriving relationship. By providing these events and partnering with other local organizations we are filled with hope for the future.  


Join US!

We would invite you to join us in investing in our communities future.  It starts with each one of us taking personal responsibility for the relationships we have been given. You can take a great first step by joining us for our next marriage conference coming up in February. Please be on the lookout for communication in the weeks ahead regarding additional events for you and your family. We look forward to growing together!